Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Report 22 Sept 2012

Over the long weekend me and Bjorn went to the Vaal to open the new fishing season. On Saturday we only start fishing in the afternoon as the wind was gusting the hole morning, it was very difficult to execute any long line nymphing. After the wind settled we targeted the deeper runs, I was quickly into my first Yellow for the season and Bjorn followed shortly after. You can see the Yellows are getting ready to spawn, I saw some big females in the rapids with eager males on there tails. We hooked a few more Yellows between 1-2kg before we called it the day. The next moring we went back to our favorite spot and got into some good looking Yellows, I think in the next 2 weeks the river will really come alive and we'll have a great season ahead.

As always, some photos...