Sunday, 27 March 2011

Report - Vaal 27 March

Bjorn and I fished the Vaal today, the weather did not look so great on arrival but luckily it clear up nicely as the day progressed. The flow of the river was higher then anticipated due to the inaccurate reading on DWAF, it was close to 50 m3/s and not 36! The first hour on the water were fruitless and after some modifications on my rig I was into my first Yellow- a nice 2kg SM. By lunch time I hooked another two Yellows of  1 & 1.5kg, we called it the day by 2:00pm and went home to watch the Shark/Crusader game - cracker of a game!!

Fly of the day - Hotspot  Nymph 

Some Photos:

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