Friday, 11 March 2011

Report - YFP & Eendekuil

6 March 2011

We decided to fish Yellow Fish Paradise on Sunday, the river flow was at 28 m3/s and the water murky. I was into my first Yellow on my second cast, a nice 2.8kg on a #16 Brassie. The rest of the morning was slow and Bjorn and I decided to try Eendekuil after lunch. The floods clearly left its mark and some of the water channels look and feel allot deferent now, after a long and hard session I only managed to hook one Yellow, again on the #16 Brassie. It was a hard and slow day on the water but the companionship were priceless!

Fly of the day- My Brassie 

Some Photo's of the outing:


  1. Looks like the start of a great blog. I love the banner photo you have. That is a awesome shot.

  2. Lekkerrrrrrrrrr man! Sien uit om te lees.

  3. semoga sukses, silahkan kunjungi wabsite kami :